Scene on Campus: Rattler Network

Ruben Dominguez, a junior english communications major, has a different experience than most when it comes to watching sporting events on campus. Dominguez is a commentator for the Rattler Network, which broadcasts the home games for St. Mary’s. He explains the process of producing these broadcasts and his goals for the future.

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McKinney drums to beat of faith

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Jonathon McKinney, junior accounting major from San Antonio, finds a way to utilize his musical talent as another form of worship. McKinney, a member of the Grant Community Christian Center Church, goes through rehearsal for the upcoming service on Sunday.

Rattlers play hard

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Photo 1

Ruben Dominguez, junior speech major at St. Mary’s University, fends off a defender during a soccer match on Sunday, Feb. 15 in San Antonio. Dominguez assisted on the match’s first goal, en-route to a Tropic Chillerz 3-1 victory.

Photo 2

A golfer puts on the green of hole 10 during the St. Mary’s Women’s Golf Invitational at The Dominion Country Club on Monday, Feb. 16. The host team St. Mary’s Rattlers finished fourth in the team competition.

Photo 3

Dominguez sends a cross into the box during a soccer match on Sunday, Feb. 15 in San Antonio. The Tropic Chillerz went on to win 3-1.

Photo 4

Natalie Magloyoan, freshman exercise and sports science major at St. Mary’s, out on her morning run at Woodlawn Park. “I enjoy running because it keeps me in shape,” she said.

Photo 5

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to Magloyoan. One of the activities the freshman enjoys doing is throwing the football with her brother.

Audio 1- project analysis

When doing this project, I learned how to produce an audio clip by using Final Cut Pro as well as refining my interviewing skills. I learned through this project that there are some differences when it comes to interviewing a subject for a written piece in comparison to an audio piece. The most significant difference in my opinion is the importance of having the interviewee’s audio, without the interviewer’s voice.

If I had an opportunity to do this assignment over again, some of the improvements I would make would be making the transitions between audio clips smoother. At points it sounded a bit choppy, but utilizing the pen tool and fading the audio in and out would have definitely made a difference.

The most challenging part of the assignment was just a matter of establishing a time outside of class to meet with my interviewee. How I was able to overcome it was: 1) Doing the interview before/during class. 2) Being prepared to do the interview.

As for how long it took to complete this assignment, I would say it took about 3 hours total, factoring in recording time and production.

The future awaits

As I begin my final semester at St. Mary’s University, I find myself becoming very reflective of my time as a student, the lessons I have learned and the things and events that have helped shape me as a person as I get ready for the “real world.” In taking Media Production II, I hope of further expand my knowledge by producing various types of media.

Some of the aspects of the course I am looking forward to is learning how to create my own webpage and producing video for the web. These skills are some of the things I intend on utilizing when I get into my profession in the sports media industry.

A course such as this, which requires plenty of time outside of the classroom, can pose a challenge for me especially because of the extracurricular activities with which I am involved. I am anticipating this challenge to be difficult but am looking forward to succeeding regardless because I understand that in the professional world, if work needs to be done, it needs to get done, regardless of the situation.

Thank you for reading, I hope you join me along my journey through my final semester at St. Mary’s through the Media Production II course.