Audio 1- project analysis

When doing this project, I learned how to produce an audio clip by using Final Cut Pro as well as refining my interviewing skills. I learned through this project that there are some differences when it comes to interviewing a subject for a written piece in comparison to an audio piece. The most significant difference in my opinion is the importance of having the interviewee’s audio, without the interviewer’s voice.

If I had an opportunity to do this assignment over again, some of the improvements I would make would be making the transitions between audio clips smoother. At points it sounded a bit choppy, but utilizing the pen tool and fading the audio in and out would have definitely made a difference.

The most challenging part of the assignment was just a matter of establishing a time outside of class to meet with my interviewee. How I was able to overcome it was: 1) Doing the interview before/during class. 2) Being prepared to do the interview.

As for how long it took to complete this assignment, I would say it took about 3 hours total, factoring in recording time and production.

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